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Comdeck flooring and reinforcement is difficult to retrofit as once tied in to the inner skin wall, it forms an integral part of the structure. In the images below, you can see the perimeter party wall, then the outer blockwork skin, and the comdeck frame rests on the inner skin and concrete is poured within that frame, floor by floor. Hence the difficulty.

If your comdeck flooring and reinforcement requires work retrospectively all is not lost. A full inspection by a qualified structural repairs engineer will give you all the options you could possibly require regarding suitable reinforcement. Worst case, you could simply replace the comdeck sections within the frame, remove all the old concrete, replace and repour to form a new floor using the old frame.

This would probably be a step too far as a comdeck floor suitably reinforced should outlast the building around it. This floor seen below, was poured as one of five (Including the basement), on a palliative care center in the United Kingdom. Each level was poured into a frame around a lift shaft to create a beautiful building to house patients requiring assistance after operations and transplants and for end of life and palliative care alongside the NHS.

Our structural engineers were on site a lot during this project ensuring all processes were followed to our usual Structural Repairs standard.

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