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Doff steam brick and stone building cleaning, preservation and restoring buildings has been undertaken for many years. The
main difference is that as technology develops there are ways that this has developed into
responsible and sympathetic methods.
Steam cleaning buildings is a much more effective way to undertake brick and building
cleaning. Traditionally high-pressure water or chemical were the way that building cleaning
was undertaken. Now it is accepted that low pressure, high temperature steam is a far more
effective and efficient way of undertaking brick and building cleaning. The Doff high
temperature building and brick steam cleaning is the market leader in this field.
The high temperature brick and building cleaning method will also remove dirt and grime as
well as flexible paints, graffiti, moss and algae and numerous other lichens. Restoring
buildings to their former glory and in a responsible manner is technically challenging and the
low pressure, high temperature steam method is the best way of undertaking this.
Doff Steam Cleaning
Some surfaces become very delicate as they age and an example of this would be
headstones or tombstones and war memorials. Of the type of materials, they were
constructed from was Cotswold or Bath stone. This stone is soft in nature and if cleaned
with high pressure water or acids, it will cause significant damage to the surface. Using a high
temperature steam cleaning system such as the Doff where the steam leaves the nozzle end
at 150 degrees is the perfect way to clean these surfaces that will cause no trauma, water
saturation or thermal shock. High pressure water will penetrate deep into the surface and
the if a period of freezing occurs, this can cause the stone or brickwork significant damage
as water expands when it freezes.
Our staff our approved in the Doff steam cleaning systems that means that the building or
brick cleaning you are looking to undertake will be taken care of with safe hands. As Chas
approved contractors as aspects of health and safety will be considered and adhered too at
all times.
Contact us today to discuss your building or brick steam cleaning or check our website for
the full list of building restoration services that we undertake.

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