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Graffiti removal or the removal of graffiti from certain buildings is a very tricky process. Graffiti artists tend to mark or tag areas that are quite visible and don’t often care much about the surfaces they paint on. On something like a grade 1 listed building dating back to the 14/15th century the surface may have weathered a few hundred years and still be standing but is is no match for modern chemicals and high pressure washer machines and particularly a combination of both.

Where we come in is by using a machine manufactured by DOFF who specialise in building machines to remove graffiti without damaging the wall or surface below it. When it comes to cleaning and repairing concrete structures, DOFF cleaning can be extremely beneficial for both individuals and businesses. The DOFF cleaning technique is a steam cleaning system used specifically for brick, stone, concrete and removing graffiti. This type of steam cleaning is used on external walls and other building areas that require a thorough clean without sustaining any damage to the structure.

Kind to the environment, DOFF cleaning machines restrict the amount of water used and every last drop goes towards cleaning structures with little to no waste. In addition to the reduced energy required to run and lack of harmful or caustic chemicals required, DOFF steam cleaners offer a very low carbon footprint. This is an excellent selling point for businesses wishing to stay green and contribute to a cleaner environment.

Due to the low pressure of this technique, the surface of the building or structure doesn’t become saturated with moisture and on an average day, is able to dry within minutes. This is excellent for historic buildings or structures built with unusual, potentially sensitive materials that require a more delicate touch.

Graffiti removal is easily and best removed with a DOFF machine.

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